国際書誌情報のお願い (Guidelines for Submission―International Poe Bibliography in Japan)

国際書誌作成についてのお願い ―Guidelines for Submission―
International Poe Bibliography in Japan No.4 (April 2018-March 2021)

日本ポー学会発足以来 3 年ごとに発刊してまいりました国際書誌情報一覧も今回で第4号となります。先回は 2018年春に No.3(2014年 4月~2018年 3月)を発行いたしました。
現在 No.4(2018 年 4 月~2021 年 3 月)の発行を 2022 年春に予定しております。つきましては、皆様のポー研究に関わるご業績を英文に直したものを、国際広報委員会までお送りください。お忙しいところお手数おかけいたしますが、何卒ご協力くださいますようよろ
In the spring of 2018, we published the International Poe Bibliography (IPBJ) No. 3. We are currently preparing the IPBJ No. 4, which will appear in spring of 2022. Members of the Poe Society of Japan (PSJ) who have published any Poe-related research during the eligible period are invited to submit the titles and abstracts (in English) to the International Relations Committee. Please follow the guidelines below.

提 出 要 領
1. (掲載内容)ポー関連の書籍著書、論文、翻訳(書)についての英訳情報を掲載する。
Please submit information concerning Poe-related monographs, articles or translations that have appeared during the eligible period.
2. (出版物の期間)期間は 2018 年 4 月 1 日より 2021 年 3 月末日奥付分までとする。
Publications that appeared during the period April 2018 until March 2021 are eligible to be included.
3.(データ収集期間)データ収集は 2021 年 11 月より 2022 年 2 月末日までおこなう。
*非会員のポー研究業績情報につきましては、2022年 1月末までにお願いします。非会員の
Please send your data to the committee at any time from November 2021 until the end of February 2022. Non-members will be contacted through other means.
*If PSA members have information about Poe-related research by non-members, please let the committee know by the end of January 2022. If you know the contact information of the non-member, please include that in your correspondence with the committee. The committee will need to contact the non-member and receive his/her approval before including his/her research in the IPB No. 4.
(1)書式は基本的に MLA 第 8 版に従ってください。
(2)日本語文献の場合は、(Japanese )と書いて英訳してください。
Please follow the guidelines below when submitting your data.
 (1) Please follow the 8th Edition of the MLA Handbook.
 (2) For texts written in Japanese, please translate the title into English and write “(Japanese)” after the title of the article or book.
The committee reserves the right to edit all submissions for stylistic purposes and appreciates your understanding in this matter. For your reference, visit our webpage: http://www.poejapan.org/bib2014/PoeBib2.pdf

① 日本語文献の場合 (For Japanese-language publications)
MLA 第 8 版では非英語論文のタイトルは、ローマ字表示で記し、次に英訳を[ ]に記すこと
Itoh, Shoko. “Poe, Hawthorne, and the Daguerreotype: Between Revelation and
 Magical Aura” (Japanese). Kyushu Hawthorne Society, ed. Romantic Labyrinth:
 Fifteen Eyes on Hawthorne. Eihosha, 2013. pp. 193-215.
  Poe shares strong interest in the rich artistic potential of the Daguerreotype with
 Hawthorne. Hawthorne describes the Daguerreotype novel and the
  daguerreotypist, Holgrave in The House of the Seven Gables, while Poe
 originates the all-seeing vision of Dupin based on the technique of the
 Daguerreotype, as sun light describer.
② 雑誌掲載の英語論文の場合 (For English-language publications)
Bevan, Greg. “‘The Sentience of All Vegetable Things’: Paul Bowles, Edgar Allan
  Poe, and the Paranormal.”The Journal of the American Literature Society of
 Japan. Vol. 8, 2010, pp. 57-75.
  This paper examines the parallels between Paul Bowles’ 1949 story “Doña
  Faustina” and Poe’s famous “The Fall of the House of Usher,” a relationship
  heretofore overlooked in spite of Poe’s widely-acknowledged influence on Bowles.
  After exploring Poe’s attitude toward the science of his day, the paper limns a
 more skeptical stance in Bowles, seeking the implications of their differing
 worldviews in the two stories’ contrasting approaches to the paranormal.
 Subject は、IPBJ4・名前(例: ポー国際書誌・伊藤)としてください。
 Please send your data to the committee and use the subject-line, “IPBJ4・Family
 日本ポー学会 🡪 poesj2020@gmail.com
7.(締め切り)締め切りは 2022 年 2 月末日とする。期限厳守でお願いします。
 The deadline for submission of all data to be included in the IPBJ No. 4 is the end
 of February 2022. Time is of the essence.

Thank you for your cooperation.
日本ポー学会国際広報委員会 The PSJ International Relations Committee
池末陽子 Yoko IKESUE(Chairperson)
伊藤詔子 Shoko ITOH
後藤 篤 Atsushi GOTO
Greg BEVAN(English Reviewer)